What's included in the Traditional Fertilization Program?

Our traditional program includes the following treatments: 

Early Spring Treatment – A high Nitrogen fertilizer will be applied with the first crabgrass pre-emergent. Broadleaf weed control will also be applied. In most cases we will spot spray only, however there will be cases where we will need to treat the entire lawn.

Late Spring Treatment – Another high nitrogen fertilizer with 30-40 % slow release will be applied. We will spot spray the weeds and check for any disease and insects. An optional 2nd crabgrass control can be applied. The typical 1st crabgrass pre-emergent is effective for approx. 90 days. This optional second treatment will prolong the effectiveness into August. Weather conditions, mowing height and proper watering techniques become very important for the pre-emergent to last.

Early Summer – Typically the weather has warmed up and we may start to see signs of drought stress. We will apply a 50% slow release fertilizer which will slowly break down and feed the lawn. Watering at this point should be deep and infrequent, 3 days a week for long periods of time instead of watering daily for less time. The deeper the roots grow, the better the lawn will appear. 90% of a grass blade is water believe it or not. Weed control will also be applied if needed. You should always cut the grass between 3- 3 ½” and never remove more then 1/3 of the grass blade. This is also the time you will receive your grub preventative application if you have ordered it. This is almost a must have treatment. Look at it as an insurance policy for your lawn. Grub damage can be a costly expense. In most cases, if a preventative has not been applied, damage may not be found until it’s to late to treat. We will also apply an optional surface insect control if ordered. Call to schedule. With each treatment we will check for disease activity, insect activity, drought stress and overall condition of lawn and leave recommendations.

Late Summer Fertilizer – This treatment we will apply the right amount of nitrogen mixed with organics and 50% slow release to start the process of the lawn recovery from summers stress. Weed control will be applied as needed and we will also check for disease and insects. Watering should remain the same this time of year. As we all know, it still could be dry and hot well into October. This will also be the time to start Aeration and Over-seeding. Aeration will not only help with compaction but also allows water, nutrients and air down to the bottom of the root system, making it one of the single most beneficial services for a lawn. Once the lawn is aerated, you have the option for us to seed as well. Seeding will help thicken thin areas as well as improve grass varieties. Meaning, newer genetically enhanced seed varieties to help combat New England’s weather. If you have not ordered this service and you wish to, please call to schedule.

Fall Treatment – This treatment applies the right amount of nitrogen to help bring back as much color as possible. We will also apply weed control if needed, only if the lawn has not been over-seeded. Weed control and seed do not mix. This is one of the many reasons why we do not recommend seeding in the springtime unless it is necessary. This will also be the time of year we will apply the optional high calcium limestone product with Humic acid if scheduled. Please call to order. Treatment will help balance the PH, increase moisture storage, relieve drought stress and improve seedling growth.

Optional Services –

Surface insect control – Grub Preventative – Limestone – Fall Aeration – Over-seeding – Mosquito and Tick Control – Tree/Shrub – Perimeter Pest Control

What's included in the Integrated Fertilization Program?

Early Spring Treatment – a Crabgrass Pre-emergent.

Broadleaf weed control applied on an as needed basis with prior approval. – Weed Control

Late Spring Treatment – a Slow Release Fertilizer to promote root growth and green color.

Early Summer – We apply a super slow release fertilizer with Iron.

Late Summer Fertilizer – This treatment help starts the process of recovering from weather stresses.

Fall – This treatment applies the right amount of nitrogen to help bring back as much color as possible and the right amount of potassium to help the lawn overwinter.

What happens on the day of a treatment?

At the time of the visit you will receive a detailed service invoice providing information on the treatment delivered and our recommendations for your property. We typically leave this on your home entrance door.

Attached to any notes and recommendations will be your invoice. If you have pre-paid, the invoice will show a zero balance. If you have not prepaid, you will see the cost of the treatment listed. It is payable upon receipt. The cost of that day’s treatment and services will be clearly presented on the invoice. We appreciate you paying your bills at the time of treatment, and offer easy options to be on an automatic payment system or pay online via our website.

What supplemental lawn fertilization treatments do you offer?

We provide custom, tailored services to your lawn on an as needed basis. We will speak with you and suggest any supplemental treatments for which your lawn would benefit. They are not included in the annual program, but can easily be added on if you choose. These treatments include:

Lime Treatment – A healthy lawn starts with a healthy PH. We apply a high calcium pelletized lime with Humic and Iron. This treatment will help enhance nutrient uptake from fertilizer treatments, increase moisture storage, improves seedling growth, and improves tolerance from environmental stresses.

Core Aeration – Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction, which is bad for a lawn.

Overseeding – We broadcast highest quality grass seed specifically suited to a New England climate after the aeration is done. Seeding after aeration will allow the seed to drop into the holes for a better germination rate. A healthy thick lawn results, which helps choke out unsightly weeds.

Optional Grub Preventative – This treatment stops the damage from grubs. Once applied it must be watered in for the insecticide to release. The product is then taken up through the root system of the grass plant where grubs actively feed.

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